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  • A blog by Kevin Kenan about technology, security, and the ancient craft of programming.

    You might also be interested in checking out K|KENAN, where I publish stuff about about music and software for making music.



My Book

  • Cryptography in the Database: The Last Line of Defense

    My book on using cryptography to protect information stored in a database. Published by Addison-Wesley and Symantec Press. Read more at the book's site. The source code is available for download.


  • My grandfather had a wonderful shop in his basement. To me, it was a place of mystery and fascination, and I would spend hours wandering through it, looking at all the tools and projects in various states of completion. Not being much of a wood worker, I've never had the need for such a shop (not to mention that I lack a basement), but recently it occurs to me that my gear, computers, and software are my shop. This site is for my late grandfather and everyone else who takes personal pride in carefully executed work.